Blueprint3D Game


How To Play

Use the mouse to rotate and turn images to find out what they are in the game.


Played: 1026


Rotate blueprints of buildings and regular items to get the large picture, within this enjoyable and brain-teasing puzzle game. You must locate them with a sharp mind as well as a cautious hand, although the pictures are there. There are two styles of play: Tough and Relax. Challenging and relax mode. Comfortable mode is best for casual players and beginners. Take your time by rotating the board, locating the pictures. For how much time you take, you will not get penalized. Although, you get more points for completing each degree immediately. You get no points whatsoever in the event you take TOO long. Difficult mode is more demanding. The bits are spread out, cut up, although the tenets of time still apply, and even more difficult to determine at first. You've got to actually play around with the turning to determine just what the thing is. The degree is complete once you've figured out it. Proceed to another puzzle, or it's possible for you to decide to move on. Recall--take a look at the pictures with a steady and slow hand. Occasionally they're back or upside down. Additionally, observe the board itself. When you locate the picture, the pattern board will constantly need to be right/close to right. There are 65 degrees of questions in most. Just how many are you able to fix?