Bubble Ahoy Game

Bubble Ahoy

How To Play

Your goal is to destroy all the balls on the screen by shooting the ball near 2 or more balls of the same color. If there are no balls of the same color left in the game, their type won't appear back. There are 10 types of different balls and unlimited le
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Bubble Ahoy can be a bubble shooting game. "Ahoy mates! Pirate newbie, seeking seasoned kids for training." This really is the declare of the courageous Puppy the Pirate in the most recent edition of the Seaside Express. Puppy the Pirate, lately confessed for the Bubble Ahoy Pirate Academy for several of the great reasons, is nevertheless lacking an important feature: guidance. His problems in starting bubble bombs is holding him back, although his superiors would want to improve him to the higher rang of manager and bomb launcher. It's possible for you to help by revealing him ways to direct his rule towards an advantageous tactical point, him train. The rule is straightforward: create the explosion of the three in a chain reaction that is bubbly and launch a bubble bomb into a bunch of other bombs that are similar. The Pirate will be, the more degrees you success the Puppy that is closer to promotion.