Dora Saves Map Game

Dora Saves Map

How To Play

Use the arrow keys to move Dora. Use the Space Bar to make her jump.
Played: 1456


Swiper has snitched the Bugga Bugga Babies' birthday presents! In addition to that, Map has been stolen by a large bird to use in her nest Within The Dim Cave. In this platform game, it is your work to regain them in time for the celebration, AND save Map! Gather stars along the approach to get nearer to the celebration. On the way, hunt for the gifts! But watch out! Swiper has bats and robot butterflies, who'll snitch stars from you. One star is stolen by the butterflies, as well as two are stolen by the bats. Two follow you around to get a moment, when you are seen by the bats. In addition, there are specific stars which help you along the way. Two light up the dim cave, move heavy objects, and much more. Can you save Map in time for the celebration, and gather enough stars, find the gifts?