Free Kicks Striker Game

Free Kicks Striker

How To Play

Determine the height of the shot: Move the mouse up and down before taking a shot. Determine the curve of the shot: Hold the left mouse button down, move the mouse cursor left and right to aim. Kick the ball/determine the strength of the shot: Release mou
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Free Kicks Striker is just a Soccer Target Hitting Game. You are the greatest Free Kicks Striker in your team as well as the World Cup is coming up shortly. Your teammates will probably be depending on you, which means you need be the finest that you can be! Training taking pictures in the goals to develop your abilities before dealing with the planet. Train the arrow in the target and contain the mouse button to find out also the swerve of the ball and the ability of the shot. Occasionally you will see dummy defenders in the manner and you may need to strive and either lob the ball outrageous of them or swerve it around them. So the faster you're the more points you'll earn, you're also on a timer. The better your pictures the more FOG Coins you'll earn.