Gold Leader Game

Gold Leader

How To Play

Z To shoot X to place a detonator C to place golden detonator. 2 to regenerate.
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Prepare shoot to train, and fire your way on the other side of the cosmos, in this conventional pixel spaceship shooting game. You're in survival mode with a single mission--ruin the detectors, interceptors, and much more. Any detectors (or other things on different degrees) you see should be ruined. The assignment is a failure, and you need to start again, should you pass up one or more. It's possible for you to move on either side of the screen. Significance, in case you hit on the border of one, you will return about the other. Use this for your benefit. You can just dodge fire for such a long time, whilst the levels progress. Change between offense and defense, ensuring to get your goals in the method. Mind life meter and your power. You've got the option or start over, as soon as they're out. You begin from the beginning, in case you start over. Fulfill with the goals and take the enemy out!