SuperSky Climber Unlimited Game

SuperSky Climber Unlimited

How To Play

Move your mouse left and right and place the character correctly on the jumping platforms and donít let him fall.
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The cities of now are not what they was previously. Because of overpopulation and limited lands, buildings have begun to increase considerably, covering the heavens with their exaggerated heights. A brave cat needs while scaling train tracks on its way for the sky to escape the city and nevertheless attempts to defy this abnormal evolution. The Super sky Climber, as fans call him, is not at his first challenge, as he attempted to pass the levels of skyscrapers previously but with no result. Nevertheless, he expects that with your dexterity as well as your help, you'll not succeed impossible. Like a matteroffact, in your way, you might fall upon the flying magic potions that could boost the rate of your scaling, hence do not forget to drink the.