War Zone Hidden Letters Game

War Zone Hidden Letters

How To Play

Use your mouse to play the game
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We cannot permit ourselves to reduce our humanity, a lot of that is included within our language, while war could become a time for slaughter and carnage. In Hidden Letters in War Zone you're tasked with not letting as you have to locate each of the letters scattered across the battle field, knowledge expire. In Hidden Letters in War Zone you just make use of the mouse to appear around together with your cursor, and you just utilize your left mouse button to click a letter, when you spot it. The letters you've found are shown in the bottom left corner; while the ones you've found are marked in bold the missing letters are greyed out. Do not begin anxiously clicking before losing, as you're just permitted a total of five errors. There's additionally a time limit even though it's possible to remove it if that's what you favor like that was not enough.