Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

This privacy policy provides details on the information collection and use practices that are specific to However, it doesn’t apply to entities that doesn’t control or own, for example, applications working on the Platform. By accessing and using, you consent to our collection and use of your data as described in this privacy policy.

We are highly committed to protecting the privacy and safety of our users and to ensuring a satisfying experience to anyone using calfgames.commultilingual social network.

We strongly advise our minor users to ask for permission from their parents before sending any personal information to us. We also encourage parents to participate in their children’s life and show them how to use Internet safely.

2. Information That We Obtain

The information you may provide:

a. Personal information.

When you register at you send us your personal information, which include your name, surname, email, your gender and date of birth. We let you to contact your friends, co-students and co-workers during the registration process. You can also upload your photo. We reserve a right to ask you for more information to ensure absolute security or to give you and access to some specific services. You can provide additional information to us after the registration process. In case you use our search services, we also collect information on the search terms you submit and the links you click upon the results pages. In case you use the search services, we do not require you to provide us with any information that identifies you personally. We generally collect this anonymous information in server log files and use this information for a variety of purposes, which include enhancing our search services, administration and operation of our Web sites, identifying and preventing fraud and misuse of our Web sites, as well as developing new products and services.

b. Content.

One of the main services of is the content sharing between users. Thus, you can update your status, upload new photos, videos, share your favorite links, create new groups and events, write posts and comments, post public and private messages.

c. Transactional info.

We have a right to retain the information about your transactions or payments.

d. Information about Friends.

We offer you with specific tools that assist you to upload information about your friends, including their addresses, contact details and names. It helps to find your friends on and ask them to join in case they have not done it yet. We do not store any access information you provide to retain such contacts.

e. Information we obtain when you use activity info. We retain information about some of the actions our users take on This may include adding connections, creating photo albums, sending messages and virtual presents, etc. In some cases we can also take actions when you send data or content For example, when you want to share a video we can retain the fact that you shared it.

f. Browser Info and Access Device.

We can collect the information about your browser or accessing device when you visit This information includes your location, IP address and pages you have visited on, as well as your web request, the Internet Protocol address and browser configuration of your computer, the date and time of your request, the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the referring and exiting Web sites.

g. Third party information.

The Platform. We do not operate or own applications of websites that you can access through the Platform. Therefore we take no responsibility for the information they provide. Thus, when you try to access such applications using the Platform we receive information from third parties. This may include information about your activity while using the third party application or website. In some cases we receive limited information.

h. Information from third party websites.

We have a right to establish campaigns with ad partners and other third party websites. Such sites share information with We have a right to request advertisers the information about how our users respond on ads we show. It is usually done for comparison purposes. Such data is known as conversion tracking. It helps us to measure effectiveness of our ad campaigns. We use this information to improve our campaigns. We have a right to receive the complete information about your interaction with advertisements displayed on We always anonymize such information during the next 365 days. It means that we won’t access information about interaction with ads with particular users. The information becomes anonymous. We use such information in certain ways.

i. Information received from other users.

We have a right to obtain information that personally identifies you among other users of, for example, from your friends. It can be done when somebody tags you in a photo or provides details about you, including your relationship status and facts about you.

3. Information Sharing a. Your name and profile picture on

The main goal of is to help people find each other and connect with each other with no language barriers. Therefore, your name and profile picture is public, and cannot be protected with privacy settings. If you don’t want other users to see your profile picture you should not upload it. You also can delete your profile picture. We allow our users to set specific privacy settings in the account settings panel.

b. Posts made by me.

You can set privacy settings for your posts. Thus, you can select people who can see your posts. You can control who can see your actions including uploading images or posting a message. You should visit the account settings panel to control the sharing options of your posts.

c. Your birth date and gender.

We require you to send us information about your gender and birth date. You should do it during registration process. This is generally done to make sure that you would not have an access to age inappropriate content. Please note that you cannot delete your gender and age information afterwards.

d. Other things.

When you use you should understand that your information might be copied or re-shared by other users. Some information that you send to others cannot be removed.

e. Public information.

Information which is viewable to everyone is open for the public. This information can be accessed by any other user or even those who are not logged in to the Website. This information can also be found via external search engines, and therefore, can be imported, stored and exported by other people. The default privacy setting for this type of information posted on is set to open, e.g. information is available for everyone, but you are able to change default settings and review it. You can delete this shared information so it won’t be available on anymore, but we cannot guarantee that it won’t be stored outside of

4. Information Shared With Third Parties

On interacting with third party websites and applications on the Platform, you aware that you make your information available to other external sources. requires third party applications that use our Platform to agree to our terms. The terms limit them to use your shared information. We guarantee that all measures are taken to ensure that third party applications only retain your authorized information. 
When you click on links on you are aware that you may leave And we don’t take any responsibility about content or privacy settings of other websites. Therefore, we strongly advise you to read their privacy policy, as it may considerably differ from Privacy Policy.

5. How We Can Use Information

We obtain information for different purposes. We use your information to ensure that is a safe and efficient resource. Here we present some information about our use of data.

a. We use your personal information for the purpose it was collected, including internally to serve you, to enhance and extend our relationship with you, and to improve your experience on

We also use personal information for fulfillment and billing purposes, to respond to customer support inquiries, inform you of newly added services and functionality, and comply with applicable laws. We may access, use, disclose and share any non-personally identifiable information and data we collect for any business purpose and with any third party in our sole discretion. When you conduct a search on, we use the search terms you submit along with the information set forth above to provide you with relevant search results, including results tailored to your geographic location based on the Internet Protocol address of your computer. This information is also used to maintain and improve the quality, security and integrity of our services and to detect and protect against security threats such as botnet attacks, click fraud and worms.

b. We can use your information to manage our services.

We utilize such information to offer you suitable services and convenient features. We also use obtained data to measure and improve our services in the future, to assist our users, clients and partners. Collected information is helpful in preventing potentially illegal behavior. The data is also used to ensure that our Terms of Use is not violated. We monitor activity of our users and use different technological systems to find suspicious activity. We also prevent users from unsuitable activity including spam. This can lead to the conduction of preventive measures, which may include disabling some functions for certain users. It can be a temporary or permanent measure.

c. We use your information to contact users.

We have the right to contact our registered users with important announcements. Users are able to opt-out incoming notifications from calfgames.comexpect messages about essential updates on Sometimes we include some content from in our messages.

d. We use your information to offer you personalized advertising.

We never share your private information with third parties including advertisers without your permission. At the same time advertisers have an access to demographical and statistical data about users who interact with advertisements on Therefore we can use any general user data we have obtained. It includes the information you protect with privacy settings (e.g. hidden to other users), for example – your gender or date of birth. We do it to ensure that advertisers that are publishing on are able to perform better targeting for their advertisement materials. For example we can share information about your interests with advertisers. We do not share any particular information like your preferred brand etc. You can find out what kind of criteria advertisers are using by contacting them directly. As it was mentioned, we ask your permission to share the information about you with advertisers.

e. We can use your information to enrich your profile.

We can add info about you via obtaining data collected from other users of For example, we can supplement your profile with tags in photos, mentions, facts about you, etc.

f. We use your information to suggest.

We use suggestions tool quite often. Thus we can use your information to make a suggestion. For example it can be your address or school. For example if a user adds the same school like you we can suggest you to add each other to friend list. Or when your friend uploads your photo we might suggest him/her to tag you. We use comparison between information obtained from different sources. We may also suggest you to use different tools. This suggestion is based on your friend’s preferences (if they have used these tools). You can control our suggestion options any time. It can be done in privacy settings.

g. We can use user information to help people find each other.

We give a possibility to our users to search their friends by their contact information. Therefore your data including e-mail address or street address can be shared to find you via flashrolls Search.

h. We can use information about you in downloadable software.

Some of our software obtains information about our users. For example, a photo uploader sends your data to us. We may not formally notify you about it if we think that functions of our software are obvious enough. For example we don’t notify our users about the fact that their pictures were received. In case if we don’t think that it is obvious you will be notified and provide with relevant information. Thus you will have a chance to decide if you still want to use this software.

We may close account of deceased person. It happens if we receive formal request. Such request can be sent by closest family members or other people who have legal grounds to send such request.

6. How We Share Your Information

We have a right to share your information with third parties, although you can limit sharing of your information by the privacy settings located in user’s settings panel. We reserve the right to share your information with websites and applications only in case when we are sure that you allow us to do so. We will also share your information when we are legally required by law.

a. When you ask your friends to join

We send inviting message to join when you ask your friends to join flashrolls Social Network. In this case we put your name in the message. We can also put some additional information about you or your friends into the invitation.

b. To assist your friends to find you.

Some information about you will be available by default. It is done to help your friends find you on You won’t be able to control or limit people who can see your basic information. You also cannot review who has found you through posted information. We cooperate with instant messaging providers and emails to help our users in finding each other on

c. Search engines.

Usually we don’t allow search engines to access But we may allow search engines to access your information which is marked as “information for everyone”. This information includes your name and profile picture. However you can hide such information any time you wish, which can be done in privacy settings.

d. To provide services.

We can share your information with service providers. They assist us in bringing you various services. For example we may outsource the service of sending you notifications or host our website to third parties. Such service providers may have an access to your shared information, but this access will be temporary; only during the period of their work process.

e. To advertise and provide our services.

Sometimes we request third party sites outside of to place our advertisements to promote our services. At the same time we don’t share any additional information with our advertisers.

f. To offer additional joint services.

Sometimes we do provide some extra services. Usually it is done in cooperation with other companies.

g. To respond to requests from legal authorities and prevent possible harm.

We may share your information with authorities in some cases, for example when we have received court orders. We share information when we believe that it is required by law. We reserve a right to share your information with authorities outside of the US. It happens when we believe that it is required by local laws. We accept international law standards. We also reserve the right to share information when we believe that such measure can prevent illegal activities or harm. This includes sharing information with any potentially helpful bodies including lawyers, government authorities and courts.

h. Transfers in the Event of Sale.

In cases of changes in our ownership we reserve a right to share your information and transfer it to the new owner of

7. Protection of Information

We have implemented and use a variety of industry accepted physical, electronic and managerial policies and procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect to help prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction and to maintain its accuracy and correct use. We use different security measures, for example system of analysis of account behavior. It helps us to prevent frauds. It can also cause to limit of use

We also reserve the right to remove any inappropriate, harmful or illegal content. We may disable or suspend user’s accounts if they fail to fulfill requirements stated in the Terms of Use.

8. Risks you take when you share your information

We allow users to set privacy options to limit access to their information. However we cannot guarantee 100% safety of your data due to imperfectness of any security measures. We are unable to take full control of actions of all users. Thus, we cannot guarantee that your information will be seen by authorized users only. Therefore we cannot prevent your information to become publicity available. And we are not responsible for behavior of other users of You can help us to protect your information by taking security measures including choosing long and strong password and using antivirus programs.
You should always report us about any cases of security violations.

9. Other Terms

Applying Changes. We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy protects your information. As a user, you will be notified about any changes in Privacy Policy. In the event of any such change, we will post a revised policy on and revise the “Last Revision Date”. You should check this Privacy Policy on a regular basis to ensure you have reviewed and are familiar with the most current policy.

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy you may contact us using the information below.